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Pascal Ellinas and Dave Pearce met in February 2007 - sharing a mutual love for all things electro, neither of them could have predicted what would follow.

The first six months were slow, filled with lots of experimental sounds and ideas.

However, with Pascals' master skills on the decks and Daves' knowledge of music, they soon combined to create one of the most powerful forces in South African electro.

On the 1st of May 2008, they played their first live set together, and the dirty, filthy, bouncy name that is P&P was born.

Now, less than a year later, they have released a number of popular tracks through Grooved Music, and look set for many more in the near future.

Having played with the likes of Dj Fresh, Ryan Murgatroyd, Dean FUEL, Ryan Dent, Lady Lea, Euphonik, Roger Goode, Nick Supply, Ricardo da Costa, Shuan Duvet, Vimo, Pimp Squad, Guy Herman and many others, Pascal & Pearce have established themselves as a dominant force on the SA dance scene.

With a number of successful parties under their belt, including Earthdance, Rage 2008, FTV new years bash, Looney Tunez, and plenty of club events throughout South Africa, P&P have had the privilege to witness thousands of people shaking it on the D-floor. Pascal & Pearce can and will dominate 2009, see ya'll where the filth drops.

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