Paul Mendez


              - BIOGRAPHY -


Played in 200 Cities ,47 Countries in 5 continents to Millions of Clubbers.

Dj’ed & Produced for the world’s leading club brands

Dj’ed & Promoted at the world’s leading clubs & Venues

Professional International DJ for 17 years

World Class producer with 100 + Tracks released

Produced 2 Theme Tracks for ‘TRANCE ENERGY’

Remixed major artists U2, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Notorius B.I.G.

Currently rated Number 3 House DJ in the world (DJ List)

Arguably One of the Worlds Best CLUB DJs

Plays exclusive ROCKSTAR Mash Up sets on special Request

Played birthday party's for Paris Hilton,Samuel L Jackson,Alicia Keys

His Unique Style Blends Tech & Minimal House with big Room Techno


“I’m not trying to be Underground , credible or Commercial,”
I’m creating music that i feel and love & hope everyone else feels it to.
It’s very easy to produce or DJ in 1 style as it has a fomula that to be honest can be boring, i don't believe in holding back because you have been told to create a certain sound or you have to stick with a certain genre, who made up these rules?, I’m trying to be innovative  and always forward thinking in my productions and more importantly
in my live DJ shows.”

This explains why Paul has sold hundreds of Thousands of records  worldwide in 35 terrotories in 6 different genre's under many  guises from Trance to House, Rock and Chillout.

“As a music connoisseur i love listening to different styles as well  as the writing and composing structures of great records and artists  which gives me motivation to try and create great music i can be proud off”

To see Mendez drive a dancefloor crazy is something special.
Technically Paul is one of the most impressive DJs in todays scene.
With flawless mixing a guarentee he also remixes with Accapella's, Intrumentals and Sample hits to create live moments that you will never forget.

“I am a clubber at heart and i feel and know what i would like to hear at any giving moment,i also believe the music should flow regardless of the style or bpm, when i do the Mash up Sets the bpm range will vary from 80 - 130 but always in a smooth flowing structure that not only keeps the floor rocking but the crowd will never notice the increase or decrease in bpm which is lacking in today's DJs but something i pride myself on.”

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